JUNE 1st, 2nd, & 3rd


This estate has a little bit of everything from high end designer clothing to mid to high end furniture, decorative accessories, crystal, silver, household miscellaneous, kitchen items and more. 


THURSDAY, JUNE 1st 8:00am to 3:00pm

FRIDAY, JUNE 2nd 8:00am to 3:00pm

SATURDAY, JUNE 3rd 8:00am to 3:00pm


Items to include: Pair of 1960s Style High Tapered Back Arm Chairs with Damask Fabric, Three Glass Top Round Occasional Tables with Carved Wood Design and Claw Feet, Pair of Bergeres Texas Baroque Style with Faux Palomino, Leather, & Suede with Button Back, Cane Back Horseshoe Sofa with Faux Alligator Seat and Accent Pillows, Walnut Dining Room Table w/ Center Cut Glass Top, Six Walnut Dining Chairs and Two Walnut Master Chairs, Two Arm Sitting Bench Channeled Back Texas Baroque Style with Gold Cotton Velvet, Pair of Wing Back Chairs with Maroon Chenille Fabric, “King Francis” Six Piece Silverpate Coffee/Tea Set, Wallace “Baroque” Silver Plate Candelabras, Camelback Wrap Around Sofa Red Strie’ Fabric with Gold Damask Embroidered Pattern on Seat and Tufted Back, Pair of Texas Baroque Style Highly Carved Hall Chairs with Linen Velvet Upholstery, Corelli Crystal Candleholders, Bohemian Crystal Vases, Rogaska Crystal Vase, Rogaska Crystal Elongated Bowl, Cristal D’Arques Candleholders, Contemporary Vases, 24K Gold Rim Glasses, Bohemian Glass Champagne Flutes, Decorative Lamps, Rogaska Crystal Wine Glasses, Andre Richard Napkins, Hand Stitched Napkins, Vintage Linens, Walnut Wall Shelves, Goldware Flatware by International “Lyon”, Goldware Serving Pieces, Silver Plated Serving Pieces, Richard Ward Winchester Mantle Clock,  Acrylic & Silver Plate Tissue Holder, Designer Bathroom Sets, Lg Metal Fish Platter, Serving Trays, Pressed Glass, Cristallerie Franco Italian Glasses, Patchi Espresso Cups with Modern Design, KLM Blue Delft House Figurine, Cobalt Blue Porcelain Japanese Tea Cups, Gural Porcelain Dishes, Contemporary Green Art Glass Vase, Decorative Vases, Antique Middle Eastern Pottery, Contemporary Kenyan Statuary, Stoneware, Murano Glass Wall Light Fixture, Vintage Busts, Contemporary Coaster Set, Carved Wood Bowls, Table Linens, Coffee Cups, Child’s White Wood Rocker, Art Deco Style Lamp, Glass Vases, Decorative Wall Clock, Cristal D’Arques Vase, Rogaska Crystal Ash Trays, Blown Glass Perfume Bottles, Blue & White Decorative Stoneware Pieces, Arcoroc France Red Glass Dish Set (Approximately 84 Pieces), Shannon Crystal 12 Piece Dublin Iced Beverage Glasses, African Art, Southwest Art, Louis Vuitton Ashtray & Lighter Set, Three Large Walnut & Leather Framed Wall Mirrors, Baby Bjorn Travel Vase, Roman Shades, Window Blinds, Window Treatments, Lenox “Tuxedo” Porcelain China Set (Approximately 74 Pieces), Traditional Metal with Frosted Glass Globes Chandelier, Art Nouveau Silver Plate Serving Pieces, Roy Kirkham Redoule’ Roses Tea Set (Approximately 37 pieces), Syrian Metal Squat Vases with Bird & Floral Motif, Syrian Silver Plate Pieces, Golden Art Glass Decorative Bowl, Silver Plate Water Pitcher, Christian Dior Silver Heart Dish, Silver Plate Shell Dishes, Strawberry Round Platter, Serving Dish Stands, Silver Plate Chaffing Dishes & Servers, Decorative Candleholders, Mother of Pearl Inlay Jewelry Box with Asian Motif, Ivat Italian Art Glass Bowl, Goldware Tea Pots, Monaco Porcelain Gold Vase & Bowl, Contemporary Art, Black Art Glass Vase, Silver Plate Dresser Set, African Metal Art Candleholders, Mother of Pearl Inlay & Sterling Pill Boxes, Decorative Urns, Cobalt Blue Glass Handpainted Bottle, Multiple Espresso Cup & Saucer Sets, Villeroy & Boch Items, Art Glass Sherbets, Decorative Pillows, King Comforters, Leather/Suede Pillows, Japanese Tea Set, Royal Hartford Espresso Cup & Saucer Set, Nadine Walther-Glas Plate, Candles, Leather Picture Frames & Tissue Holder, Curtain Ties, Brass Drapery Wall Mounts, Bavarian Demitasse Set, Egyptian Cups, English Tea Cups & Saucers, Tons of Decorator, Architecture, and Design Books & Magazines, Single Bed, Wall Shelves, Large Sofa Bed with Under Storage, Decorative Floral Motif Cabinet, Wood Book Shelves, Claudia Champagne Glasses, Club Glasses, Gural Art Craft Beer Glasses, Garden Treasures Chandelier, Large Glass Globe Vases, Dentelle Cacharel Coffee Cups & Platter, Blue Art Glass Bowl, Vintage Style Telephone, Decorative Boxes, Japanese Hand Painted Dresser Box, Silver Plate & Stainless Steel Serving Bowls, Platters, & Trays, Tea Kettle, Salvador Dali Prints, Van Gogh Print, Syrian Goldware Serving Tray with Hand Painted Porcelain Cabochons, African Wall Art, Wood Humidor, Syrian Mother of Pearl Inlay Backgammon Game Boards, Lamp Shades, Red & Gold Art Glass Bowl, Contemporary Entertainment Center with Light Walnut Stain over Poplar, Faux Leather Ottoman, Leather Bench Contemporary Dark Wood Coffee & End Tables, Crystal Basket, Gold Art Glass Vase, Rogaska Decanter, Rogers “Heritage” Silver Plate Flatware Set, Decorative Trunk, Borghese Box with Gryphon Motif, San Miguel Spain Red Art Glass Vase, Wall Mirror,  Contemporary Wood Coffee and End Tables with Red Leatherette Inlay, Designer Clothing, Purses, Shoes including Verse, Laurel, Armani, Couture, Dolce & Gabanna, Escada, Ballantyne, Cavalli, Versace, Louis Vuitton, iGallop, Bookshelves, Office Chair, IKEA Kitchen Table & Chairs, Bar Stools, Child's Recliner, Bedroom Furniture, Sofa Bed, Kitchenware, Coffee Mugs, Flatware, Sets of Dishes, Plasticware, Leather Round Seat, Household Misc, Linens, Perfumes, Wall Mirrors, Sharp Flat Screen TV, Tons of Designer Clothes not listed below, Educational Books, Encyclopedia Set, Serving Pieces, Glassware,Auratic Porcelain Cup & Saucers, China, Crystal, Decorative Accessories, Bicycles, Motorized Foot Scooter, Weights, Bathroom Items, Toiletries, Flatware Caddy, Toys, Games and much more. Many items are not photographed and not listed.  We still have 1/2 a storage POD to uncover before the sale.  Many surprises await!


Terms & Conditions: No Early Birds. Cash and Credit Card Only. No Checks. All items will be priced and sold as-is, where is, with no condition guarantees or warranties. All items must be removed at the time of purchase. You are responsible for moving and carrying your own items (this includes furniture). There is security on site.  By attending the sale you agree to be photographed and that any photos or video footage captured during the sale are the sole property of Dallas County Estate Sales, LLC.  Due to the volume of items in this sale, we will be unable to answer any questions prior to the sale.


(Hand Bags, Purses, Shoes, Scarves, and many other clothing items are not listed)
Many Sizes are European.  Most items are size 6-10.
JC001 VERSE  40 2-piece black/white striped Vest and Split Skirt
JC002 FE'RAUD 40/42 Sweater-longsleeve/Tangerine/Cotton/Woven
JC003 FE'RAUD 40/42 Jacket/Tangerine/Suede
JC004 Laurel 38 Bolero Jacket/Black/Lambskin/Vert Woven 
JC005 TAHARI / Arthur S. Levine 12 Suit (jacket/pants)/Camel/Cotton/Ruflle Zipper
JC006 APRIORI 8 Suit (jacket/pants/blouse/scarf)/Black/Poly/Snaps
        Jacket - Zippered, silk ribbon/nickle snaps
        Pants - Buttoned, silk ribbon/nickle snaps
        Blouse - Silkscreened with rhinestones
        Scarf - Hot pink/faile with gold thread runs
JC007 Dolce & Gabanna 8 Long coat w/Pants/Black/Wool Crepe/None
JC008 Gianfranco Ferre Studio 10 Lace Pants/Black/Lace over cotton/Full lace
JC009 Anoushka 8-10 Embroidered dress w/scarf/Black/Wool Crepe
        Multi-color embroidered flowers w/rinestones
JC010 Anoushka 8-10 Embroidered dress / white /Wool Crepe
        Red/black/silver Stylized paisley embroidery
JC011 Couture To Fit Dress/Lime lace over ivory silk/Custom 
JC012 Vicky Martin N/A Lace Dress/Black over flesh/Crewel Lace Stretch
JC013 Miss Dior N/A Neglige'/Offwhite/Silk 
JC014 Exte 8 Pants/Aqua/Cotton/white Leather Rivets on seams
JC015 After Six by Ronald Joyce 8 Gown/Black/Crepe w/white lining/Glass beading
JC016 (NUDE) 8 Sweater shortsleeve/Black/Cotton/Ribbon sleeve
JC017 le Garage 8 Blouse/Black&creme/Acetate&Cotton/Lace over lace
JC018 Gianfranco Ferre Jeans M Sweater set/black/tan/Cotton/Sleeveless w/sleeve scarf
JC019 Michael Kohrs L 3/4 Coat/Black/Faux leather with Spandex/ brass closures
JC020 MANI 12 Ribbed coat/silver/Poly.wool-mohair-alpaka/ribbed
JC021 Lauren by Ralph lauren M Spring Set tank w/ jacket/Ivory/Poly & Cotton/front Lace
JC022 Will Smith M/M Blouse/Ivory/Polyester&spandex // black button cuffs
JC023 Max Studio M Wrap Blouse/Navy&Ivory Stripes/Poly&Spandex
JC024 Bruno Magli 10 Leather Jacket/Black/Leather/Vermicelli on sleeves w/ribbs
JC025 Armani Jeans 8 Sweater/Light Tan/Cotton/Ribbed
JC026 Armani Jeans 10 Leather jacket/Black/Leather/Chain mail, metal accessories
JC027 Gianfranco Ferre Jeans M Sweater set/Black w/ Red/Cotton/Red Piping on Black
JC028 Client removed from sale    
JC029 Escada 8 Pants/black/worsted wool/EC cuckle/side zip
JC030 Feree Jeans L Blouse/White/Silk/wool/feather around collar
JC032 Versus Gianni Verscace 8 Blouse/black/poly-leather shldrs&sleeves/ wool body
JC033 Balenciaga 40 Pants/Red/Poly/Red w/Blk velvet accents
JC034 Dolce & Gabanna 46 Pants/Heather brown/Tweed/ Heringbone design
JC035 Dolce & Gabanna 8 Blouse/Multi darks/Cotton/Retro design w/ V-neck 
JC037 Moschino L Sweater/Gold/Lace
JC038 Karen Miller 2 Tank top/black/cotton/jewelled cutwork sleeves
JC039 Save the Queen L Blouse/black & multi screen printed/Acid-etched cut work 
JC040 Ballantyne 10 Pants/black/velvet/Men's style
JC041 Vicky Martin 8-10 Lace suite/black/lace top & pants with Leggins
JC042 Bella Jones 3 Blouse/black/cotton/ruffle front
JC043 Escada 8-10 3 piece Pants suit/blue/white stripe/wool/polka-dots
JC044 Anna Molinari 8-10 Pants/Brown/Velvet cotton
JC045 Armani Collezioni 46 Pants/creme/cotton woven linen
JC046 Contraire Louis Feraud 8 3 piece set/green&blue/knit cotton & solid pants/long coat
JC047 Gianfranco Ferre Studio 6 2 piece set/tan&creme zebra/cotton/printed Zebra
JC048 Oicchi Neri M 2piece suit/black/wool crepe/silk stripe pants/structured
JC049 Laurel 10 3piece Suit/Bright Floral white pants/cotton/orange buttons
JC050 Laurel 8 Lace jacket & pants/ivory/cotton&lace/floral emb. on top
JC053 Laurel 8 Blouse & pants/sage&green/poly/net blouse w/emb flowers
JC054 unknown N/A Skirt/green/suede/button front Oklahoma buttons
JC055 Laurel jeans 6-8 Jacket/pink/poly/steel star buttons
JC056 Clips 8 3 piece suite/gray/tunic pants scarf, jewelled
JC057 la galta sid 8 3 piece suite/green/suede/brass laid vest, pant, belt
JC058 Exaltation 42 2 piece suite/sand/poly-wool/silk piping on the pockets
JC059 Tahari 8 2 piece suite/acid green/silk/architecture jacket with pant
JC060 Li Li Nucci Erina 44 3 piece suite/washed blue&tan/denim crepe/top, embr. jean, jacket
JC061 Collection Allumette AC N/A Jacket/Black/crpep wool/nickle "G" clasps
JC062 Punta Linea N/A 2 piece suite/sand/linen/crinkled linen jacket & pant
JC063 Priveledge N/A Pants/brown/cotton/crinkled
JO064 Claudia Strater 40 2 piece suite/gray/linen
JO065 Laurel 8 2 piece suite/white/cottonpoly/ribbed with stiching
JO066 Laurel 10 Jacket/white/cotton/plain
JO067 Roberta Scarda 10 Pant/white/cotton/silver label outside back
JC068 Windsor 8 Pant/white/cotton/plain front
JC069 Givenchy Paris 42 Pant/black/wool/plainfront
JC070 J & Company 30 Jeans Mens/blue/denim/silver studded pockets
JC071 Parasuco Denim Cult 29 Jeans Mens/blue/denim/leather lacing & accents
JC072 Gianfranco Ferre Jeans 31/45 Pants mens/black/velvet
JC073 Emporio Armani N/A Pants/brown/cotton/horizontal pleated on length
JC074 Dolce & Gabanna 31/45 Jeans Mens/black/cotton/Gold stitching
JC075 Trussardi Jeans 30 Jeans/black/cotton/silkscreen loogo on legs
JC076 Armani Jeans 10 pants/gray/cotton&linen/Vertical stitching on legs
JC077 Liu-Jo 31 Jeans/blue/denim/white stitching w/ rhinestone tag
JC078 Escada Margaretha Ley 40 Pants/black/wool/
JC079 Chloe' 40 Pants/brown&blue check/wool/Big cuff checks
JC080 Barbara Bui Initials 40 pants/black/ploy,rayon,lycra/zippe pockets
JC081 Chloe' 40 pants/black/heavy wool&cotton/cuffed
JC082 Ferre' Jeans 30/44 Pants/black/wool/silver bullets on legs
JC083 Tunnel Exterigur 40 pants/black pinstripe/wool?
JC084 Dolce & Gabanna 30/44 Jeans/brow/brushed cotton/heavy zippers on all pockets
JC085 Cambrio Jeans 8 Jeans/black/thin cotton/plain
JC086 DKNY Jeans 10 Jeans/gray/denim/plain
JC087 Michael Kohrs 10 Jeans/blue/denim/black stitching/silver pocket tag
JC088 Bandolino N/A Jeans/white/demin/plain
JC089 Seven7 31 Jeans mens/blue/denim/gold stitching/emb on back pockets
JC090 Dolce & Gabanna 10 Jeans/blackdenim/brass over leather back pocket tag
JC091 No-l-ita De Nimes 31 Jeans/black/soft cotton/leather tag
JC092 Crest Jeans 9/10 Jeans/blue/Denim Distressed/glass rivets
JC093 Jones new York Sport 10 Pants/blue/linen
JC094 Roberto Cavalli 8-10 Jeans/black/cotton/(RC) rivets and tag on pocket
JC095 Laurel Jeans 8-10 Pants/black/cotton twill
JC096 Blue Cult USA 29 Jeans/white/cotton/pocket stitching on back
JC097 Calvin Clein 8 Jeans/black/cotton/lightweight
JC098 Escada 38 Jeans/pink/Cotton/flower embr on pockets
JC099 Emporio Armani N/A Pants/black/wool/slant pockets
JC100 Armani Jeans 10 Jeans/gray/denim/gold stitching
JC101 Burberry 10 Jeans/blue/denim/Denimover denim on pockets
JC102 Emporio Armani 8 pants/kahki/cotton/ligtweight sage ribbon inside waist
JC103 Burberry 6 Pants/Plaid/cotton/Burberry plaid with pink
JC104 Laure'l 38 Pants/white/cotton/no belt plain
JC105 John Galliano 6 Pants/gold/Rayon&gold/GOld Pants
JC106 Armani Jeans 10 Jeans/bleached tan/denim/back pocket flaps
JC107 Armani jeans 8 Jeans/blue/denim/rhinestone Armani Eagle on pocket
JC108 Parasuco Diamond Jeans 8 Jeans/blue/denim/Rivents down seams of legs
JC109 Armani jeans 8 jeans/blue/denim/tan Eagle on back pocket
JC110 Crom 33/34 Jenas mens/blue/denim/shredded pocket tops
JC111 Dolce & Gabanna 46 Jeans/blue/faded/huge leather tag on back belt
JC112 Seven7 31 jeans/blue/denim/black knot stitches on back pockets
JC113 Armini Jeans 10 Jeans/blue faded/denim/brass eagle on back pocket
JC114 Dolce & Gabanna 8-10 Jeans/blue/denim/brass over leather back pocket tag
JC115 Emporio Armani 10 Pants/sage khaki/linen/plain
JC116 Emporio Armani 10 Pants/ khaki/linen/plain
JC117 Laure'l Jeans 10 Jeans/white/denim/star shaped rivets
JC118 Escada 8-10 Jeans/white/denim/EC self cover belt in front
JC119 Roberta Scarpa 8 Jeans/tan/denim/Surede straps on back pockets
JC120 Escada Margaretha Ley 38 Pants/black/cotton twill/Plain
JC121 Chloe' 8 Pants/brown/polyester/pique/straight pocket openings
JC122 Pinko 10 Pants/HKhaki/cotton/floran inside waist
JC123 Mochino 10 Pants/black & white pinstripe/rayon/pinstripe
JC124 Giorgio Armani 10 Jeans/black/denim/black GA embroidered on back pocket
JC125 Versace Jeans Couture 10 Pants/black/courderoy/silver rivets
JC126 Trussardi Jeans 30 Jeans/black/denim/silver button on back under belt
JC127 Trussardi Jeans 30 Jeans/blue/denim/silver button on back under belt
JC128 Armani jeans 8 jeans/blue/denim/tan Eagle on back pocket/silkscreen on kneecap
JC129 Armani jeans 8 jeans/blue/denim/silver metal Eagle on back pocket
JC130 Just One M stretch pants/black/spandex
JC131 NO label M pants/brown/cotton
JC132 Mudo Collection 40 pants/brown/courderoy
JC133 Roxy Jeans 29 jeans/tan/denim/pocket stitching
JC134 San Soucci SM pants/green/rayon/elastic cuffs & waist
JC135 Style & Co. Jeans 10 jeans/blue/denim
JC136 Guess Jeans M pants/hot pink/cotton/exercise pants
JC137 Armani Jeans 8-10 Shorts/lavender/cutoff shorts
JC138 Per Una 14 pants/grey/creme/knit/leisure pants
JC139 Warehouse 10 pants/tan/cotton/leisure pants
JC140 Mexx 10 pants/white stripe/cotton/white 2/blue pin stripe
JC141 Esprit 2XL pants/tsand/cotton/leisure with tie belt
JA142 Max Rave 9 pants/black/linen/grommet belt tie
JC143 Max Rave 9 pants/gray sand/linen/grommet belt tie
JC144 Guess Jeans 30 jeans/mint/cotton/ silver buckle
JC145 Roxy Jeans 29 jeans/lilac/denim/pocket stitching
JC146 Express jeans 29 Jeans/blue faded/denim/brass eagle on back pocket
JC147 DKNY Jeans 29/34 Jeans/blue/denim
JC148 Freesouls Na/ jeans/washed blue/denim
JC149 Express N/a Jeans/blue/denim
JC150 Gap Long & Lean N/A pants/blue/courdeoy
JC151 Sudexpress N/A pants/black/cotton/star buttons
JC152 Guess jeans 30 pants/black/velvet
JC153 Mavi 28 Pants/brown/courderoy
JC154 Trussardi Jeans 28 Pants/green/courdroy
JC155 Trussardi Jeans 28 Pants/gray/courderoy
JC156 Black Fuel 30 Pants/black/courderoy
JC157 Time Taylor 42 Pants/black/linen
JC158 Grom 8 Jeans/blue/denim
JC159 Blue cult 8 Jeans/blue/denim
JC160 DKNY Jeans 12 jeans/blue/denim
JC161 Land N Sea 12 pants/tan/cotton/lightweight
JC162 UNKNOWN N/A jeans/white/denim/three stripes on seams
JC167 Quicksilver 29 Jeans/blue/denim
JC168 Love Tree M pants/sand/knit/workout pants
JC169 Sud Express 40 pants/black/rayon/plain
JC170 Occhi Neiri M pants/black w silver pinstripe/rayon
JC171 NDJD N/A pants/green/courderoy
JC172 Ming Suits 10 pants/black/rayon/ribbed
JC173 Pablo n/a pants/black/rayon
JC174 Seven7 Na/ Jeansblack/denim
JC175 Tommy Hilfiger Jeans N/A Jeans/black/cotton
JC176 Barbara Bui 42 pants/black/leather toppings at waist
JC177 Merona S pants/black/knit/workout pants
JC178 Unknown na pants/black/rayon
JC179 Unknown na pants/black/wool/twill
JC180 Kenzo L blouse/gray/knit/ptinted with dot-faces
JC181 Emporio Armani 44 sweater/teal/knit/longsleeve sweater
JC182 Maryland M sweater/blue/knit/short sleeve with red stripe
JC183 Liz Claiborne M sweater/red/knit/sleeveless with stripes across bottom
JC184 Louis Feraud 6 sweater/creme/cotton/woven shortsleeve sweater in multi pattern
JC185 Max M blouse/tan/lace/sheer lace with lines of dots allover
JC186 Mochino M sweater/tan/knit/short sleeve with voile scarf attached
JC187 Liz xl sweater/sand/cotton/ruffles across front in silk
JC188 Will Smith M tunic/ta/knit/embroidery top on tank sleeves
JC189 Laurel' XL blouse/pink pastel/polyester/pink & cream leaf print
JC190 Kenzo XL blouse/green,pink,tan/flower embroidery on sleeves
JC191 Georgio Armani 10 tanktop/white/knit/black sleeve piping & zipper
JC192 Olive & Oak L blouse/navy/rayon/button front long sleeve
JC193 Kenzo XL blouse/black/knit/white snowflake embroidery
JC194 Paper Crane M blouse/black/knit/sleeveless with collar
JC195 Burberry XL blouse/black/knit/longsleeve with plaid on collar
JC196 Sempre M blouse/black/knit/vneck sweater with silver chains hanging
JC197 Max M tanktop/black & nude/lace/lace over nude lining
JC198 Sinequanone M blouse/black/lace/longsleeve & sheer
JC199 (NUDE) M tshirt/irovy/knit/hanging and embroidery on left side
JC200 Faith M tshirt/black/knit/gold screen "rococo" on front pattern
JC201 Frankenwalder 42 blouse/white/rayon/verticle wrinkles short sleeve
JC202 Armani jeans 12 tshirt/pink/knit/face screen on front
JC203 History Iceberg M shirt/tan/knit/shortsleeve with Lucy embroidered on front
JC205 Mochino NA jacket&blouse set/light tans/knit/floral with knit sleeves&sleeveless
JC206 unknown 10 blouse/black&white/rayon/verticle mini-pleated stripes
JC208 Marella 44 blouse/green/cotton/stripe on stripe sleeveless
JC209 ET&AM 12 blouse/pink/knit silk/sleeveless shirt
JC210 Armani Jeans 8 sweater/red/knit/sleeve with cut out shoulders
JC211 Laurel' M sweater/pink/knit/zigzag vert stitching on front
JC216 unknown na blouse/red/knit/round collor cup sleeves
JC217 Max M tanktop/gray/knit/black lace down front
JC218 unknown na blouse/white&blue/long sleeve leaf print
JC219 unknown na blouse/black&white/longsleeve stripes
JC220 Max M tanktop/shite/knit/black lace down front
JC221 unknown na sweater/lilac/knit/longsleeve sweater
JC222 Unknown na blouse/leopard brow/sheer ruffle blouse
JC223 Per Se L shirt/blue/denim/longsleeve with black button front
JC224 Naf Naf l shirt/blue/denim/longsleeve with black button front
JC225 Will Smith L shirt/blue/denim/longsleeve with black button front
JC226 Peel on top L shirt/blue/denim/longsleeve with black button front
JC227 Unknown na blouse/orange/poly/button front
JC228 Unknown na blue/knit/lace collar
JC229 Lee & Nicole NA blouse/blue & white stripe/knit/longsleeve
JC230 Verti 46 blouse/white/cotton/ruffle front
JC231 Tommy Hilfiger Jeans 8 shirt/red& white stripe/cotton
JC232 Evidence M blouse/tan/rayon/jacket blouse long sleeve
JC233 Unknown na blouse/white/cotton/vermiceli stitching
JC234 Tore Rufo S shirt/white/cotton/shortsleeve shirt
JC235 Next Collection 10 jacket/pink/cotton/longsleeve
JC326 Unknown na blouse/camoflage/knit/sheer lace shortsleeve
JC237 MNG 14 pants/grey/cottonwool/pinstripe