Up for auction....a massive over "40 years of collecting" stamp collection.  My brother passed away several years ago.  He spent a majority of his life collecting stamps.  I have contemplated trying to piece meal items out, but simply put, this is not my area of expertise.  How do you put a value on someone's life's work?  I am not even where to start the bid of this auction, but I believe the starting bid of $2500 is fair.  I have compiled a huge gallery of the collection.  There are many items that were not photographed.  Soon you will see why.  So there will be plenty of surprise should you be the lucky winner of this collection.  The collection includes 1000s and 1000s of stamps, first day of issues, postcards, collecting books, 100s and 100s unmarked stamps and much more.  I will do my best to field questions, but again this is not my area of expertise.  Happy Bidding!!!!

Due the size of this collection...there are varying conditions.  Most everything is in decent shape.  My brother took care of his things.  There will be no returns accepted on this auction.  You are bidding as is.  The pictures provide all the detail I can provide.  Thank you.